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Australian Excellence. Global Experience. 

High quality products and services, developed with advanced German technology, have been provided to clients since 2007.

  • 100 % Australian Owned and operated
  • VDA licensed AdBlue (DEF)
  • Meets all Euro IV / V / VI emissions regulations
  • Meets Australian ISO, Quality Assurance standards
  • Drums, IBC's and Bulk tanks
  • Australian wide distrubution network
  • 12 month product guarantee

CrossChem Australia is a 100% Australian owned and operated company with a nationwide AdBlue distribution network. 

We are supported by the extensive resources and years of expertise of the global research and development-manufacturing CrossChem corporation which has operations in Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and Japan. 

Our AdBlue products are of the highest quality and feature advanced German technology. They are licensed by Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) and meet Euro IV / V / VI emissions regulations as well as all Australian ISO and Quality Assurance standards. 

We have brought world-best technology Down Under. We stand behind our products with a 12 month product guarantee.

CrossChem Australia AdBlue is available in volumes to suit all diesel engine vehicle operations - drums, IBC’s and refillable bulk tanks. We customise our supply services to suit each customer according to their capacity requirements, usage and geographic locations.

In addition to ensuring that Australian users have access to the best possible AdBlue products to protect their investments, CrossChem Australia is committed to an aggressive and highly competitive pricing structure. We have made it possible for businesses to dramatically reduce their vehicle operating costs. 

With depots strategically located across Australia, our CrossChem2U™ Rapid Response Delivery Service ensures that customers receive the right volumes of CrossChem Australia AdBlue at the right time.

To learn more about how CrossChem Australia can benefit your business contact us on 1300 106 220 for a free no-obligation evaluation.

CrossChem Australia Code of Excellence
CrossChem Australia provides our team with the same professionalism and duty of care that we extend to our valued customers. 

Environmentally Responsible
CrossChem Australia is committed to ensure that all products, services and practises are environmentally responsible. We pride ourselves on having environmentally responsible practices. Our trained and dedicated team work in a safe and responsibly managed workplace. We have a clean air environment safeguarded from unsafe chemical exposure. All waste products are safely disposed of and packaging materials are recycled by specialist contractors. Heat generated by the production process is recycled and utilised for the generation of electricity which is on-sold to allied energy suppliers.

A Safe Work Place
Workplace safety is a foundation of the CrossChem work ethic and philosophy. We adhere to a strictly implemented safety practice management plan developed by independent specialist consultants. Adherence to these practices and procedures is regularly controlled by both pre-planned and random inspections.

CrossChem has developed a comprehensive Labour Safety and Health Action Plan. Adherence to this Plan is monitored on a regular basis by systematic, planned and extraordinary inspections.

CrossChem Australia Pty Ltd

Phone: 1300 106 220

e-mail: sales@crosschem.net.au