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ll is based on unique, proprietary and worldwide protected production facilities, the primary task of which is to manufacture the one and only product – the highest quality AdBlue®. The outcome of CrossChem equipment reached 2000 tons per month. AdBlue® products are made in batches up to 10 000 litres per lot. Each batch goes through several tests based on their physical properties; and is tested by high precision laboratory equipment. Only after the tests have shown positive results, the batch receives a unique lot number, and quality certificate is written and the product is filled in carefully prepared containers, sealed, marked with informational and warning signs, and placed in the warehouse for the finished goods, where it is waiting for its individual customer.

Quality control
A sample is taken from each ready made bach of AdBlue® and it is stored in a low light room under specific temperature conditions in order not to affect the physical properties of the product for two years from the moment of its production. That allows CrossChem to access its previously made products at any time. All samples are sent to the laboratories in Germany for analysis, which provides both the client and CrossChem, with the necessary facts about the outstanding properties of CrossChem’s products.

Environmental protection politics
CrossChem does not cause damage to the environment during the production process. Its waste materials, such as packages are passed to the contractors for utilisation. During the whole production process, heat is produced from electricity, so CrossChem uses renewable natural resources.

Labour safety politics
In order to follow labour safety policy, CrossChem has entered into an agreement with a contractor, who developed and implemented Labour Safety and Health Action Plan. Now, its implementation is controlled on a regular basis by systematic, planned and extraordinary inspections, ensuring the control over the company and its employees, as well as ensuring the safety of the above.

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