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What is AdBlue®?
It is urea solution in water, neither toxic nor harmful to humans and the enviroment. The AdBlue trademark is currently held by the German association of the Automobile Industry (VDA - Verband der Auotomobilindustrie). The product must correspond to the standard ISO 22241-1/-2/-3 and its trade requires a VDA licence. Using the AdBlue brand name without a proper licence is legally prohibited.

Why AdBlue®?
In recent years stringent emission standards in Australia have been put into effect, starting from EURO 4 and 5. AdBlue is used to reduce harmful emissions that are released from diesel engines through a process called Selective Catalyitic Reduction (SCR).

Where to use AdBlue®?
Vehicles that are fitted with SCR technology are required to use AdBlue. AdBlue is sprayed into the exhaust stream of modern diesel engines as a post combustion process. AdBlue is stored separately in a designated fuel tank complete with its own sensors and gauges.

How does the SCR system works?
When the engine is in operation NOx (nitrous oxides) are released from a vehicle’s exhaust, which are damaging to the environment. Through the process of SCR, AdBlue will break the NOx emissions down converting oxides of nitrogen into harmless gas and water vapour. This in tern will reduce pollutant levels across Australia and abroad. AdBlue will lower your fuel consumption which in turn will reduce the cost to vehicle owners and transport companies. It is imperative to know that the operation of SCR without AdBlue will lead to severe damage of the SCR system, this in tern will amount to costly repairs.

Where to buy AdBlue®?
CrossChem Australia has a nationwide distribution network supported by our CrossChem2U™ Rapid Response delivery service. We can quickly supply cans, drums and bulk supplies of AdBlue to any location in Australia. Our AdBlue prices are the most competitive in Australia. Contact 1300 106 220 to place your order.

Why AdBlue® from CrossChem?
AdBlue (DEF) should only be purchased from a licensed producer which conforms to the strict German quality control standards and ISO22241 and which provides a Quality Certificate and testing report with each purchase, such as CrossChem Australia. We manufacture AdBlue using the latest German technology. Our product is internationally certified and licensed by the world regulator, Verband der Automobilindustrie. It meets all Euro IV / V / VI emission standards. We back our AdBue with a 1 year product guarantee.  We make AdBlue for car manufacturers, automotive dealers and the trucking industry of Australia. Every batch is tested and numbered. We provide our customers with a Quality Certificate and a thorough testing report with 19 chemical parameter analyses. CrossChem Australia is proud to manufacture a world class product which corresponders to the highest standards of quality.

Accessible packages

  • 1000 litres in IBC type containers,
  • 210 litres in plastic barrels,
  • 20 and 10 litres in cans,
  • Bulk purchasing also available

We are expanding the sale of AdBlue and are now distributing AdBlue within Australia. We guarantee the provision of: competitive pricing together with efficient and reliable service.

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