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for Small and Large Fleets

BlueMaster® is the perfect solution for companies and individuals with vehicles with SCR (Selecitve Catalytic Reduction) e.g. trucks, agricultural machinery and construction equipment. BlueMaster® is designed for logistics companies,freight forwarding, construction and agricultural holdings.

  • You are no longer required to drive to a petrol station to refuel a machine or deliver AdBlue® in a petrol can.
  • Thermal insulation and heating-ventilation systems keep AdBlue® within an appropriate temperature range.
  • Double jacket tank construction, leakage detection system, fill indicator and overfill protection prevent leakages.
  • Closed dispenser housing protects against unauthorised access, mechanical damage and extreme weather conditions.
  • Wide range of standard equipment ensures optimum safety and functionality and is maintenance-free.
  • Attractive shape and colour perfectly fit into your landscape.
  • Made from high quality polyethylene the tanks are also resistant to UV radiation, frost and heat and will maintain their integrity over many years.
  • Easily transported by a forklift truck.
  • Filling line with dry clutch is located at working level making it signi cantly easier to use the tank.
  • Optional extras e.g. a despensing system with a calibratable digital ow meter can be fitted.
  • Warranty**: 10-year warranty on tank, 1-year warranty on equipment.
  • AdBlue® tanks comply with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and have the European Certi cate DIBT.
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Capacity (litres) 1200  2500  3500  4000  5000 9000
Lenght (m) 1.90  2.46  2.85  3.90  2.85 3.28
Width (m) 1.24  1.46  2.20  1.20  2.23 2.48
Height (m) 1.79  1.85  1.96  2.94  2.34 2.95
Standard Equipment
Control/steering console (pulse output 4-20 mA for telemetry con.)
Ultrasound level indicator (pulse output 4-20 mA for telemetry con.)
Max. level and leakage alert >90 dB
Leakage indicator
Tank and housing heating system - hot air blower
Tank cooling system
2” filling line - stainless steel hose with dry clutch
1” suction line - stainless steel hose, strainer and anti-return valve
Automatic nozzle with integrated pump switch
Protection for keeping the nozzle in correct position
Dry-run shut-off feature to protect the pump
Current protection for all accessories
Cabinet lightning
Suzarra Blue pump AC 230 V / 50 Hz with thermal motor protection
Flow meter wit accuracy +/- 1%
4 m delivery hose,
Stainless steel automatic nozzle with switch-equipped holder
Optional Equipment
Hose coller with or without a brake $900
Microprocessor steering allowing recording dispensed fuel amount for each user max. 120. Each user has an individual PIN code.
Optional equipment:
- Computer software allowing creating detailed fuel expenditure reports.
- Data can be transferred to a computer via electronic code keys.
- Electronic code keys (alternative for PIN codes)*.
Elaflex automatic dispensing nozzle $200
Telemetry unit for remote transmission of information about the AdBlue® level in tank $1400

*All prices are ExW warehouses in Australia, not including GST
Delivery can be organised with in all of Australia


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