Every AdBlue® Dispensing Option. Contact us

Every AdBlue® Dispensing Option.
CrossChem Australia is much more than a supplier of VDA-approved AdBlue®. Much more. We stock tanks – big and small, portable and stationary – and dispensing equipment. Everything you need is right here…240V auto’ and gravity pumps, hoses, automatic and manual nozzles, digital flow meters, level indicators, magnetic adaptors, and the ability to have level and flow data wirelessly sent from the bulk tank directly to your computer. CrossChem Australia also has Express Test Kits which show if any fuel or oil is leaking into your AdBlue® on the truck. Contaminated AdBlue® will damage the SCR system. Contact CrossChem today on 1300 106 220 for a copy of our catalogue.

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CrossChem Australia Pty Ltd

Phone: 1300 106 220

e-mail: sales@crosschem.net.au